Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tote bags - hope you arent bored of them yet

I am from a family that doesnt believe in wastage. If I go to throw something out I hover over the bin before I drop it thinking "what would my mum think if she knew I was throwing this out" and "do I really need to throw this out or can I use it".

When at my sisters (most productive week of my life) I put together 4 patchwork blanket tops and for some of them I miscalulated what I needed to cut leaving me with a few squares left over so I utilised them by stitching them together with the idea that I would sew it on as a band onto a tote bag.

These will also give you a taster as to the blankets I made, which I backed yesterday so they are now all finished. Woohoo. I will blog about them later on in the week when I get some pictures of them.

And some Curious George:

#24, #25

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