Sunday, 9 November 2008

Craft Fair Number 3

I had another Craft fair last Sunday. On the Wednesday the Treasurer from Crafts Unlimited Association that I am a member of phoned to ask me something about another fair I was doing and happened to mention that there had been a cancellation at East Kilbride and would I be interested. I jumped at the chance because it was a venue I hadnt done before and had heard that it was good.

Unfortunately though I had to go myself as my mum was visiting my sister and my other sister was away to the good food show to perve on James Martin and Gordon Ramsey. It was fine though cos I knew I would be placed next to the people I seem to get on with cos one of the people I get on really with does the table layouts for the fairs.

The venue was really really nice. It was in East Kilbride Arts centre and the room we had was beautiful. Plus it was right next to the cafe which helps bring people through too.

I sold two bags, a table runner set and a peg bag. In the grand scheme of things not a lot but better than I have ever done and I had a lot of positive comments. I also gave a few people my card as they were interested in getting commission pieces done for christmas presents. I havent heard from them yet but fingers crossed.

I also spent the afternoon getting to know Lizanne, Sharon and Anne a bit better, which is really good for me because I really dont have a lot of friends. Lizanne and I are pretty much on exactly the same page and last night spent nearly an hour on the fone after she called to confirm some info about a fair she has booked me into.

As always I have pictures of the table:


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Yet another Christmas present

I dont know if I have mentioned it in another post but the reason you see soooo many posts here regarding christmas presents is that I have made a personal pledge to make or buy as many presents handmade from now on. It isnt always viable but the more I can get or make myself the happier I will be.

Anyway, ages ago I bought a stack of material off a girl on LJ. There was 5 pieces all 2 metres or more for a tenner. I didnt realise, however, that they were dressmaking materials but this has been a blessing in disguise as it has made me branch out a bit. When I opened the package Craig, my partner saw a material and instantly demanded I make him a shirt out of it. Having never made clothes, never mind clothes for him I was a bit scared but I agreed. I decided to make it as part of his christmas present.

I bought a Simplicity pattern to do this with, but I am absolutely RUBBISH at reading patterns so I kinda had to improvise a wee bit when I couldnt understand something. Now that it is finished I can see problems with it and mistakes but hopefully he doesnt notice them. If I ever have to make one again in the future though I will know how to do it properly.

I have to be honest though. I did find making this slightly fun which I never thought I would. Here is the item of clothing in question:


Friday, 7 November 2008

Halloween Cake

Some of you might know that I am a (pre warrant) Brownie Leader. On thursday we had a HallowFox party. A combination of both Halloween and Guy Fox Night. We had talked about how it would be impossible to get a Halloween cake for the party because it would be 6 days after the event, so I offered to bake one. Originally I was maybe just going to make a cake with ready to roll icing and drawing on a pumpkin or something like that but then I saw this on one of my baking communities on Livejournal.

So I decided to make one. Definately not a patch on the original but it worked out alright.


And the Brownies seemed to like it :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

More Christmas Presents done

Whilst trawling the internet a good few months ago I found a tutorial for something called Easy Breezy Wrap Pants. I bookmarked it because it looked really easy to do but that produced beautiful results. I have always said that I would never make clothes because I dont have the precision or patience to make them right or to sit right. This tutorial was so easy that it changed my view on that.

So I decided I would try it out and make a pair of these for my sisters christmas present. She is very tall and has big hips so I figured these would be a good tryout for her as things wouldnt need to be exact. I think these will look beautiful on her.

At the moment they are not finished as I am going to wait until she comes up for christmas to hem them at the bottom so they are nice and exact. When she puts them on and I have finished them I will get a picture of them on her but for now here is a picture of them folded up so you can see the material.


Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Ive been quite a bad crafter lately. I've been cutting projects out but not actually managing to sew them. I think Ive been focusing on getting a whack of christmas presents finished first. Ive also been focusing on getting the bulk of a cardigan knitted for my dad so the sewing has been neglected.

Here is a couple of pictures of my WIP pile.


After my fair on Sunday I had two consecutive days off so decided this was an opportunity to get the WIP pile demolished. In there I had 2 patchwork blankets, 2 bags and 2 table runner/placemat sets (for those of you who are new I have mild OCD and have to make things in even numbers. Its only on a very special occassion that I will make an odd number of something, ie. one if I only have one set of handles).

I got a fair bit through the pile. Finished the table sets (14 placemats and two table runners!), sewn the blanket fronts, just need to back them and almost finished the bags ( just need to sew around the top and then topstitch).

Here are some pictures:


All in all Im quite pleased with my acheivements over two days. Back to work tomorrow. :(
Apologies for no post last night. Im not going to explain myself but I do have my reasons. Will attempt to make a belter of a post today.

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Had my craft fair today. Was ok, hopefully got a few commissions but will post about that tomorrow.

I have reduced a few bags in both my stores. The bags are now ridiculously low in price but they are clearance as I just want them out of my stock box to make room for more things!

These are the items in question:


Star and Moon Tote
Alien Tote


Alien Tote
Star and Moon Tote
Diamante Lippy Bag

Hope you are all well

Saturday, 1 November 2008


Ok so I are the fail with my last 30 days of posts pledge. I am useless. Feel free to kneecap me for this failure I am truly disgusted at myself.

In fairness I found out about NaBloPoMo about 10 days ago, so I thought, "dont beat yourself up about not posting just do it properly for NaBloPoMo".

NaBloPoMo runs in conjunction with NaNoWriMo and encourages Bloggers to post once a day throughout the month. So along with Lady In Training im determined to do this.

Bring it on.

Also, for anyone that reads this that is in the area I will be having a stall at East Kilbride Arts Centre Craft Fair tomorrow from 12 til 4. I will as always take pics of my stall all made up and will post about how it went.