Wednesday, 5 November 2008

More Christmas Presents done

Whilst trawling the internet a good few months ago I found a tutorial for something called Easy Breezy Wrap Pants. I bookmarked it because it looked really easy to do but that produced beautiful results. I have always said that I would never make clothes because I dont have the precision or patience to make them right or to sit right. This tutorial was so easy that it changed my view on that.

So I decided I would try it out and make a pair of these for my sisters christmas present. She is very tall and has big hips so I figured these would be a good tryout for her as things wouldnt need to be exact. I think these will look beautiful on her.

At the moment they are not finished as I am going to wait until she comes up for christmas to hem them at the bottom so they are nice and exact. When she puts them on and I have finished them I will get a picture of them on her but for now here is a picture of them folded up so you can see the material.


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