Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Its been a while...

... and while Ive been crafting I just hadnt pictured them until now.

Number 6

Done today, but I think its beautiful so Im putting it first.

Made from a 60cm x 60cm cushion cover that cost me 25p from work... I bought four so Im intending on making the four like this and selling them.

I present: Oriental Spray Apron

Number 7

I made a bag with this fabric for a girl in work but then I made this one but just as I was about to sew it up I had a stroke of genius and tried out the line of pockets. I just cut out a bit of fabric and sewed bias binding onto the top and bottom and then sewed it onto the lining piece.

Number 8

This is a beautiful fabric I picked up as a roll end. It might not be the best idea to use it as a bag cos its very light but I just couldnt resist because I knew making it as a bag would be adorable. The flowers are suede and stitched through the middle by the vine. Haha I just remembered the lining is from a tea towel I got on sale in Ikea.

More to come later....

Sunday, 13 January 2008

More sewing

Im taking advantage of the fact that Ive been off work sick for the last 5 days and also my brain is in creativity overdrive (it does this sometimes). My head has been buzzing lately. It doesnt help that my sister got me a Fabric Gifts book and Im looking through it and there are so many things I want to try. Ive also got in my head that I ll be doing craft fairs over the summer so Im totally geared towards mass producing things.

Today though Im a bit "cant be bothered" cos Ive been having dizzy spells for most of the day.

I made these two with the intention of selling. The iron on stud patterns Ive had for ages and have been sitting in one of my craft drawers. I found them the other night whilst making cards and it occurred to me that I could put them on a canvas tote bag to liven it up a bit.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Card making Frenzy

I did these all over the space of 3 days. I think I did 27 in total which is now making me uneasy as I should have rounded it up to an even 30 (I dont think making that many cards counts as one each, lol). There are another 6 but I made them from a lakeland card kit so I didnt bother to picture them.

And before anyone shouts, yes I did make christmas cards but it was because I failed to make them before christmas.

Im not sure whether I'm going to keep them for personal use yet or whether to sell them. Im hoping to join the North Lanarkshire Craft Association who put on a lot of craft fairs which Id be totally interested in doing, but we will see. (Their webpage type thingy is here:

Anyway, here they are:

Sunday, 6 January 2008

First two things sewn in 2008

This is a sign of things to come... chances are Ill create loads of crafts at the one time as opposed to one a week :-p

First off I made a peg bag. Ive been meaning to make this for ages and ages, since we moved in here 6 months ago in fact. This wasnt very thought out and I just kind of improvised. Had to sew with tissue on each side when I was doing the opening as the vinyl was sticking to the presser foot. I got really annoyed with the vinyl and have to say that I probably wouldnt use it again. I just didnt have fun with it. Regardless, here it is...

2nd crafty project was a bag for a workmate using specific fabric that she wanted. We work in a place called Dunelm Mill which has loads of things for the home and has a huge habedashery/fabric department. She specified Diamante Black fabric for the outside and pink on the inside and this is what I made her...

Its just a simple shoulder bag. Both fabrics I used are VERY thin so although I like the slouchy look I used sew in interfacing in this. I really like this. The Diamante fabric gives a really nice exterior. My only problem with it is that I didnt centre the handles enough so its slightly one sided. But I will definately be making more bags with this fabric.