Thursday, 10 January 2008

Card making Frenzy

I did these all over the space of 3 days. I think I did 27 in total which is now making me uneasy as I should have rounded it up to an even 30 (I dont think making that many cards counts as one each, lol). There are another 6 but I made them from a lakeland card kit so I didnt bother to picture them.

And before anyone shouts, yes I did make christmas cards but it was because I failed to make them before christmas.

Im not sure whether I'm going to keep them for personal use yet or whether to sell them. Im hoping to join the North Lanarkshire Craft Association who put on a lot of craft fairs which Id be totally interested in doing, but we will see. (Their webpage type thingy is here:

Anyway, here they are:

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