Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Venturing into the unknown - #10, 11, 12

Ages ago, I would pick up crafting bits here and there, whenever I saw a bargain. This led to me building up a collection of jewellery making items, that, being quite honest I had NO idea how to put together and use. So I sold it all on as a job lot.

Then one day when flicking through Thriftstoreuk on Livejournal a girl was selling beading packs that had some beads, findings and charms in it. I couldnt resist partly because at one of the craft fairs I do regularly I always end up sitting next to a wonderful lady called Anne who makes jewellery and Id been watching her at her table if she was making things (mainly because I was genuinely interested in how jewellery is made).

So i took the plunge and bought it and I borrowed Vonnie's beading pliers and away I went. Well, I really didnt thinking jewellery making would be something I would enjoy but I was soooo wrong and these pieces came together really rather quickly.

First off a penguin charm bracelet (I have no idea who this is for so if you want it feel free to leave me a comment :-p):

Then I made this bracelet for my neice, Emily Janes christmas. Which of the charms is your favourite, mine is the masquerade mask :-D :

And finally I made this set for myself. I bought the sewing machine charms from the same girl, I really love them.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Garden Swap

After the success of the last swap I took part in I signed up to another swap, this time run by the lovely Kerry of Pennydog Accessories .

The rules were as follows:

You must make one handmade item in a garden theme, this can be something for the garden, or something with a gardeny theme- insects, flowers, etc.

An item of a crafty nature that your swap partner can use in their own crafting- fabric, buttons, stickers, etc

An edible treat- chocolate, cake, etc

I, as is becoming increasingly normal, forgot to take pictures of the package I sent to Amy in America. Hopefully she will post about it on her BLOG. If she does I will post to send you over there to check them out.

Amy sent me a wonderfully FULL parcel and everything was so beautifully packaged. First of all a lovely photobook that I can add my own pictures onto along with some coasters and a magnetic corkboard for putting messages or notes on.

Card, notebook, incense sticks and the little felt flower buttons that she used to wrap the items. Amy also sent me a lovely vase wrapped in some gingham cotton, some plant markers and some seeds which my mum "ooooeedd" over.

I hope she enjoys her part of the swap. Thanks Kerry for organising all this!