Saturday, 22 August 2009

Alternative ABC 's with Unicorns!

I have just finished the second of my Alternative ABC quilts. This time instead of the white Chenille backing I used a really gorgeous soft but heavy and hardwearing green fabric. This is the same fabric that I got from Standfast and Barracks, the factory fabric shop at my sisters.

Ill be honest this is the reason I bought the fabric. Since when does a unicorn appear as as standard option in an animal ABC. Other notable alternative animals were the Narwhal and the Yak. Love it!


Thursday, 20 August 2009


I had some of this fabric leftover from the clutch bags I posted about a few days ago. I really didnt want this fabric to go to waste nor did I want it to sit in my stash for ages without having a purpose.

I decided to make it into this style of swish, everyday handbag as I had made two of these before in another fabric and were an absolute hit.

The handles are one continuous peice of fabric fed through two channels at either side of the bag.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Alternative ABC

For my Christmas I got £50 worth of HobbyCraft vouchers. I spent some a while back and was left with £12 worth. I was determined that I was going to use these on a rotary cutter as I really need one. However, when we got to HobbyCraft their cutters were like £20! I was horrified as the one I wanted from Dunelm Mill was £13. So instead I thought, for once Ill treat myself to some nice fabric. So I had a little look and almost straight away came across this lovely ABC panel fabric.

Again, straight away my little brain automatically thought that it would make a nice blanket, especially since that day at a fair someone had remarked that I didn't have any unisex blankets for people to buy someone who doesnt yet know the sex of their baby. I matched it with an oxford pillowcase that I had picked up for 50p and some orange gingham fabric I had. I then backed it with a lush white chenille like fabric.


Monday, 17 August 2009

Luscious Clutch Bag

When I picked up this fabric from Dunlem Mill I knew it could only be used for something really special. I think it is perfect for this type of clutch bag. It is such an elegant evening bag.

I put in a magnetic snap closure on this bag. I think it really adds to it and makes it look more professional.

I actually made 2 of these bags and used one on a recent night out and I loved it. Also people were completely surprised when they realised Id made it


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Curious George is Monkeying around

This Curious George fabric was another from A Fabric Queen on etsy. I must remember to send her an email showing her these as she did say she would like to see what I made from the fabrics I was buying.

I cut this fabric carefully so as to get the words in one piece and as much of the monkey in each piece too. This was orignally intended to be a Cosy Toes (more on this in a future post) but my sister said it was too big and she thought it would be a waste to cut it to fit so I made it into a blanket instead. I used the same lime green fabric on the back as is on the squares. I also put some interlining in between the layers to give it a wee bit of warmth without being too heavy.


Friday, 14 August 2009

Tiger Paw Bracelets

A little while back I ventured into the realm of jewellery making. Well the very basics of it. When we found out my team, Glasgow Tigers, were in the playoffs I knew we needed to raise some money to fund it. So I bought the supplies to make some tiger themed bracelets.

These are currently listed in the Tigers shop on Folksy so we would appreciate if you take a look. There are also other items in there that I donated so maybe theres something there you've been wanting. Nows the time to get it as 25% of the proceeds are going to Yorkhill Hospital.

First up is this bracelet made with Tiger eye beads and ivory faux pearls. I made 3 of these. They come together so quickly.

This bracelet is my particular favourite as it is our team colours. Plus the orange beads are cracked glass and are oh my gooodness sooo gorgeous. I want to make everything from cracked glass beads. THe black beads are agate.

I also bought these Tiger Head Charms so that anyone who doesn't like the paws can request to have them changed.

#29, #30

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Strawberry fields are yummy...

As you will all know I always like to seek out a bargain. I, quite honestly RARELY pay full price for a fabric. I will wait until a peice of it shows up in a remnant bag or I will trawl the net to source it cheaper. I also belong to a community on Liverjournal called ThriftstoreUK. Very occassionally someone will post up some fabric for sale and it will tend to be fairly cheap. This is where I got the main fabric for this blanket. It is probably important to note that almost a metre of this fabric from this community cost me a pound or two. Absolute bargain.

Ive also mentioned before that I absolutely HATE waste. I had cut all of this fabric into the size of square necessary so I had two squares of it left over and I had made up way too many of the terracota/yellow squares. So I decided to put these two leftovers together to make a matching cushion cover.

This blanket is a good size. I would probably say fit for a junior bed. It is probably about a foot to a foot and a half shorter than my single bed but wide enough.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My apologies!

OK its been a while since I last updated (wow feels like I am back in confession) but I have a good reason I promise!

The last week has been a bit crazy. My American Football team had a game on Sunday and one the previous Sunday which we had to travel to Inverness for. During all this we found out that for the first time in the whole time I've been there (4th season woohoo) we had made the playoffs. Yay! Although with the playoffs comes a lot of extra expense too so Ive been busting a gut trying to make Tiger related things to go into a Folksy shop to raise funds for the team. I will post later about the things I made for the shop.

Anyway enough with the excuses. I do actually have a bunch of stuff to show.

I got this beautiful fabric from a destash fabric store on Etsy (A Fabric Queen). I didnt realise at the time but it seems like it is an Alexander Henry print. I have to admit I just bought it because I know it would be perfect for making into a patchwork quilt. I joined this up with some pink and white and Lilac patches and I think it works really well.

The difference with this quilt is that I choose not to make it into a blanket. Insteaad I put two layers of thick wadding in between the patchwork and the backing and made it into a playmat. It is backed with hot pink fleece to make it hard wearing on the floor.