Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My apologies!

OK its been a while since I last updated (wow feels like I am back in confession) but I have a good reason I promise!

The last week has been a bit crazy. My American Football team had a game on Sunday and one the previous Sunday which we had to travel to Inverness for. During all this we found out that for the first time in the whole time I've been there (4th season woohoo) we had made the playoffs. Yay! Although with the playoffs comes a lot of extra expense too so Ive been busting a gut trying to make Tiger related things to go into a Folksy shop to raise funds for the team. I will post later about the things I made for the shop.

Anyway enough with the excuses. I do actually have a bunch of stuff to show.

I got this beautiful fabric from a destash fabric store on Etsy (A Fabric Queen). I didnt realise at the time but it seems like it is an Alexander Henry print. I have to admit I just bought it because I know it would be perfect for making into a patchwork quilt. I joined this up with some pink and white and Lilac patches and I think it works really well.

The difference with this quilt is that I choose not to make it into a blanket. Insteaad I put two layers of thick wadding in between the patchwork and the backing and made it into a playmat. It is backed with hot pink fleece to make it hard wearing on the floor.


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