Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Alternative ABC

For my Christmas I got £50 worth of HobbyCraft vouchers. I spent some a while back and was left with £12 worth. I was determined that I was going to use these on a rotary cutter as I really need one. However, when we got to HobbyCraft their cutters were like £20! I was horrified as the one I wanted from Dunelm Mill was £13. So instead I thought, for once Ill treat myself to some nice fabric. So I had a little look and almost straight away came across this lovely ABC panel fabric.

Again, straight away my little brain automatically thought that it would make a nice blanket, especially since that day at a fair someone had remarked that I didn't have any unisex blankets for people to buy someone who doesnt yet know the sex of their baby. I matched it with an oxford pillowcase that I had picked up for 50p and some orange gingham fabric I had. I then backed it with a lush white chenille like fabric.


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