Thursday, 13 August 2009

Strawberry fields are yummy...

As you will all know I always like to seek out a bargain. I, quite honestly RARELY pay full price for a fabric. I will wait until a peice of it shows up in a remnant bag or I will trawl the net to source it cheaper. I also belong to a community on Liverjournal called ThriftstoreUK. Very occassionally someone will post up some fabric for sale and it will tend to be fairly cheap. This is where I got the main fabric for this blanket. It is probably important to note that almost a metre of this fabric from this community cost me a pound or two. Absolute bargain.

Ive also mentioned before that I absolutely HATE waste. I had cut all of this fabric into the size of square necessary so I had two squares of it left over and I had made up way too many of the terracota/yellow squares. So I decided to put these two leftovers together to make a matching cushion cover.

This blanket is a good size. I would probably say fit for a junior bed. It is probably about a foot to a foot and a half shorter than my single bed but wide enough.


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