Saturday, 22 August 2009

Alternative ABC 's with Unicorns!

I have just finished the second of my Alternative ABC quilts. This time instead of the white Chenille backing I used a really gorgeous soft but heavy and hardwearing green fabric. This is the same fabric that I got from Standfast and Barracks, the factory fabric shop at my sisters.

Ill be honest this is the reason I bought the fabric. Since when does a unicorn appear as as standard option in an animal ABC. Other notable alternative animals were the Narwhal and the Yak. Love it!



scotstwinmum said...

but he's a cute unicorn and they do exist they really really do.

Sam Gillespie said...

lol, a great quilt! x

Linda Elbourne said...

What a cute unicorn and what a fab quilt!

Domestic House Kat said...

Fran - I agree, they really really do.

Sam - Thanks a lot love. Nice to hear that from someones work I admire so much :-)

Thanks Linda. He really is a great unicorn isn't he. I wish I could keep him for myself.