Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Once again I have to apologise to you my lovely blog readers. I have not updated in over 10 days. Shocking behaviour I know.

It has been a hectic time in the life of Kat at the moment. You will probably be bored by the details but Ill tell you anyway. My American Football team got into the BAFL division 2 playoffs and our first match was on Sunday the 30th August. Not only was I preparing everything I needed for this match as it included as trip to Stoke but it was also my birthday on the night before. On the day of my birthday I also had a fair to prepare for so needless to say I was bit up to high-do.

My team won their game in Stoke so this now means we have a trip to Leicester looming this coming Sunday. Hopefully we can get past them too.

At the moment I am working on something very special which will be announced to you either later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Some clues:

1) its HUGE
2) it is connected to my birthday.

Happy guessing folks.

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