Sunday, 30 March 2008

Finishing off the kitchen

I have tons of crafts to update you with here.

Ill start with the latest.

Ive never been happy with the kitchen window since we moved here. It had a white venetian blind sitting outside the recess and a net curtain/jardineire hanging over the blind. I hate nets and the blind was just horrific.

My sister had briefly mentioned seeing a pattern for a tie type blind in the Prima so I let my mind go to work. I had a few bits of fabric in my box that I really liked but didnt feel they were appropriate for making bags with so they just kept getting left in there.

When I had a look through again, with this new project in mind, I found the perfect fabric but I only had a metre of it and have a 6 foot window. Uh oh. there was a solution however.

Before pics, for reference, my kitchen has orange, yellow and red tiles, a yellow wall and the rest of the walls are wood panelled.

Here is what I made.


Look out for my newest project and baby that I have so much fun doing... rubber stamp tapestry. :-)