Friday, 14 August 2009

Tiger Paw Bracelets

A little while back I ventured into the realm of jewellery making. Well the very basics of it. When we found out my team, Glasgow Tigers, were in the playoffs I knew we needed to raise some money to fund it. So I bought the supplies to make some tiger themed bracelets.

These are currently listed in the Tigers shop on Folksy so we would appreciate if you take a look. There are also other items in there that I donated so maybe theres something there you've been wanting. Nows the time to get it as 25% of the proceeds are going to Yorkhill Hospital.

First up is this bracelet made with Tiger eye beads and ivory faux pearls. I made 3 of these. They come together so quickly.

This bracelet is my particular favourite as it is our team colours. Plus the orange beads are cracked glass and are oh my gooodness sooo gorgeous. I want to make everything from cracked glass beads. THe black beads are agate.

I also bought these Tiger Head Charms so that anyone who doesn't like the paws can request to have them changed.

#29, #30

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