Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Its been a while...

... and while Ive been crafting I just hadnt pictured them until now.

Number 6

Done today, but I think its beautiful so Im putting it first.

Made from a 60cm x 60cm cushion cover that cost me 25p from work... I bought four so Im intending on making the four like this and selling them.

I present: Oriental Spray Apron

Number 7

I made a bag with this fabric for a girl in work but then I made this one but just as I was about to sew it up I had a stroke of genius and tried out the line of pockets. I just cut out a bit of fabric and sewed bias binding onto the top and bottom and then sewed it onto the lining piece.

Number 8

This is a beautiful fabric I picked up as a roll end. It might not be the best idea to use it as a bag cos its very light but I just couldnt resist because I knew making it as a bag would be adorable. The flowers are suede and stitched through the middle by the vine. Haha I just remembered the lining is from a tea towel I got on sale in Ikea.

More to come later....

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