Sunday, 9 November 2008

Craft Fair Number 3

I had another Craft fair last Sunday. On the Wednesday the Treasurer from Crafts Unlimited Association that I am a member of phoned to ask me something about another fair I was doing and happened to mention that there had been a cancellation at East Kilbride and would I be interested. I jumped at the chance because it was a venue I hadnt done before and had heard that it was good.

Unfortunately though I had to go myself as my mum was visiting my sister and my other sister was away to the good food show to perve on James Martin and Gordon Ramsey. It was fine though cos I knew I would be placed next to the people I seem to get on with cos one of the people I get on really with does the table layouts for the fairs.

The venue was really really nice. It was in East Kilbride Arts centre and the room we had was beautiful. Plus it was right next to the cafe which helps bring people through too.

I sold two bags, a table runner set and a peg bag. In the grand scheme of things not a lot but better than I have ever done and I had a lot of positive comments. I also gave a few people my card as they were interested in getting commission pieces done for christmas presents. I havent heard from them yet but fingers crossed.

I also spent the afternoon getting to know Lizanne, Sharon and Anne a bit better, which is really good for me because I really dont have a lot of friends. Lizanne and I are pretty much on exactly the same page and last night spent nearly an hour on the fone after she called to confirm some info about a fair she has booked me into.

As always I have pictures of the table:


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