Thursday, 15 January 2009

2009 - The Year Ahead

Last year was fun. I got into my crafting more and got involved with Crafts Unlimited Association and got myself out and about for Craft Fairs. I didnt sell a great amount but I have learned a lot about the scene.

I also joined a very small crafts forum (at the time) Crafteroo and got myself involved with others with similar interests. I have, for the most part stayed involved in that forum as it has expanded and gotten to know lots more people. The people there are great and they are soooo friendly and helpful.

The forum is also what will supply my 2nd blog post of the year as every Thursday we have TTNP: The Thursday Night Project. This is where we work on certain projects and post up pictures of our works in progress and then the next day post pic of the finished objects. I took part last Thursday as I had loads of stuff cut out and just ready to get sewn together. Will post them later.

Final thing for the moment. I often lose my way with blogging and I hold my hands up to that. However, this year I plan to blog at least once a week. I wont make any unrealistic targets but I think once a week is a realistic target, not least for the following reason.

I am going to take part in a little incentive for myself: 50 things in 2009. In other words Im going to make at least 50 items this year which I think should be alright for me, especially when I will be creating new things for fairs and for the shop. So I think this is attainable. We shall wait and see.

Hope those who are reading this are all well!

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