Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Thursday Night Project and 50 things

I decided to partipate in the 8th Jan Thursday Night project on Crafteroo as I wasnt working that day and ended up not going to Brownies because of a rib injury. I also had a pile of like 5 bags that had been cut and were ready to get sewn.

First of all I sewed up these clutch bags. I cut these out way before christmas and theyve been sitting in the kitchen (? I know strange) since. They are all made from beautiful fabric and I remembered almost at the last moment that I wanted to put magnetic closures on them, which I think is just the perfect finishing touch (had previously made with velcro and then buttons).

I also made this bag as I had cut out all the relevant. I had also made two of them previously and they had both sold. However, Im totally not hapyp with this one. I think I just rushed it and it doesnt feel right. Im not sure what I will do with it yet.

This last bag is one of my favourite things to do at the moment. I saw a skirt on Thriftstore UK on LJ that I really liked and thought wow that would look really cool as a bag as it was one of those puffball skirts. Anyway that bag is currently not photographed but it made me beon the lookout for more cute skirts on there to do this. And i found a realy cute one in a size8 (to give an idea of size. Very simple yet effective technique.

So all in all a sucessful TTNP and 5 things towards my 50, thats 10 % done. woo!!


scotstwinmum said...

Way to go sis, you've been busy !

Domestic House Kat said...

Hey Big Sis!!

Yeah and that was only one day. Imagine what I could do if I actually applied myself ALL the time.

Love you!