Wednesday, 1 July 2009

2 tops for Emily (age 10) - #13, 14

I have been experimenting a lot with my sewing. Pushing my boundaries so to speak. I remember as little as 12 months ago declaring that I would never ever make clothes as I didnt have the patience for shaping etc. Well at Christmas I pushed myself a little and made two very basic skirts for my neice.

Now, she is the subject of my attempts at branching out once again except this time I made her some tops. The good thing is tho that she is only 10 so doesnt have much of a shape to have to fit to.

I have to say I actually really enjoyed making these and the response that I got was amazing and makes me want to try more.

First up (although I actually made this second) is this beautiful shirred top with ribbon tie straps. I saw this material at the SECC craft fair and I fell in love and just had to have it. I knew straight away as well that I would shirr it and make it into a nice little top. I have to say that this was my first attempt ever at shirring. It can be a bit boring but does give a nice effect.

This top I first made in the original size it was intended (18-24m) for Vonnie's little girl Erica. I used this pattern from JCaroline Creative I then scaled the pattern up to fit my neices measurements. The fabric I got from Etsy in a destash sale and I just love it! When it came round to making this top I came across this fabric again and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it.

I do have to make a few small alterations on it as I think she has taken a growth spurt since I measured her. I need to put a frill on the bottom to lengthen it and move the buttons out a bit to give her more room (to breathe! hence why she has her arms up in one of the pictures as that was the only way she could breathe!)

She and her mother absolutely adored these two tops so I think I can see that as a positive. Means I need to find more cool things to make her! :-p


Kitschy Coo said...

Great work, they're both super pretty! Love your fabric :)

Vonnie said...

Well done Kat! Lovely work :)

Domestic House Kat said...

Thanks Amanda and Vonnie. Its nice to hear those things from you two since you are both such perfect clothesmakers :-p

Kat x