Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Engagment Gift

As many of you will already know I am a member of an American Football team. I dont play but I am registered as a member of the team and I help out the guys on the sideline with anything they might need. We are two thirds of the way through my fourth season. Over this time guys have came and gone but you do have the core group of the team who have been here long before me and are still there.

One of those guys is Jamie. I refer to Jamie as the alpha male of the team as he organises pretty much everything (player related) and leads from the front. He also is a guy who makes me laugh my butt off whilst at the same time is a genuinely nice guy. For as long as I have been in the team Jamie has been seriously dating his beautiful girlfriend Laura. Laura is an absolute gem of a girl who, since the first time we met was chatty and friendly.

Well, a few months ago Jamie decided to take the plunge and ask Laura to marry him and she said yes! For integrity's sake here is a beautiful picture of the proposal:

So Saturday was the engagement party (the night before a game! the horror!). Now Jamie and Laura have been living together for almost 2 years I think so thinking of a present for them was going to be a challenge as they would have pretty much everything they need.

I decided to go with a twist on the His and Hers stereotypical gift. I got some beautiful combed cotton towels from Dunelm Mills which I decided I wanted to put a border of fabric on which I would then applique with their names. I have to admit I spent a good hour or so trawling through my fabric for just the right one and then ended up going with the very last one that I only found because it was in the box with the towels.

Here are Lauras which are pink. I made one towel appliqued and the other plain.

And here are Jamies:

The next day Jamie came and told me that he and Laura opened the presents after we left his flat and that they both absolutely loved them so Im very pleased with how they turned out.

Is it bad that I already know what I want to make for the wedding...



x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

is it his and hers dressing gowns?
that is a great idea Kat they look great.

Domestic House Kat said...

Its towels babe. I made one with the names each and then one without so that if they want to keep the named ones good they can use the other.

Really glad now that I followed the idea in my head rather than just allowing myself to go and do something that might have been easier for me.