Monday, 13 July 2009

Fabric blowout

So far this year I have done 3 craft fairs that have made me a wee bit of money. After each my mum took the takings and put them into a wee purse (only once giving me table money!) and she said she was going to keep that money in case I ever needed a big outlay for fabric, wadding or backing.

Then it transpired she was actually saving the money so I could have a nice trip to a fabric factory shop ( that we both knew about approx 5 mins away from my sister in Lancaster. Last week I went to visit my sister for a wee holiday and this shop was first on my list of things to do. When the day came around to go to it I got really apprehensive that I wouldnt like it, I wouldnt get anything or it wouldnt be as cheap as I thought.... boy I was wrong.

These pieces of material are nice and thick and soft so going to use them as backing for blankets/floormats.
First two pictures here was £2.50 a metre and I got 2m of the green and grey and 1.75m of the red

This material is so soft and I took what was left on the roll (3.5m) at £1 a metre.

This is a gorgeous baby fabric wtih jungle scenes. £5 for the bundle, it has 2.75m in it.

I love this hot pink print. I bought it with intention of making a bag for a friend of my sisters who wanted a pink bag that no-one else would have but she liked another fabric I showed her. £3.50 for the bundle with 1.75m.

This there was absolutely no way I could resist. I havent been able to find any camouflage material anywhere up here and my mind started racing with ideas of messenger bags and kids clothing. An absolute steal at £1 A METRE! So I got 5 of each (they also had the desert storm kinda colour)

Next, were these items called Large fents. Typically between 3/4m and a metre and were only 80p each. Love it and one of those are actually silk!

Then small fents. Probably about half a metre each (2 black ones at top are more like a metre) - 45p each

I also go these beautiful liberty prints most of which are about a 1/4 metre and will look great for lining bags/clutches. Might also use one of them to make a camera case. - a stunning 35p each

And this gorgeous pack of silks. 3 pieces each either a fat quarter or 1/4m - £1.50 for the three.

Finally I got this bundle of sample size approx 1/4m fabrics, of which there were 18 for a measly £2.50 and all because I saw the fabric pictured seperately poking out the side and had to get it!

And for those who cant be bothered counting all this up I got ALL of this material for the princely sum of £47.95. Now I need to get sewing, eek!