Wednesday, 4 January 2012

W.I.P Wednesday

Welcome to the inaugural W.I.P Wednesday here at Domestic Kat. What better way to start it than with announcing that I will be taking part in Quilting in the Gap's Finish-a-long .

From Rhonda's Blog:

"A quick run-down on how this works...At the beginning of each quarter you link up your blog post which includes a summary of the projects you intend to complete in that quarter. Then at the end of the quarter you link up your blog post (or Flickr pictures if you have more than one project and only one blog post) with the summary of the projects you completed in that quarter. It is the post-quarter linky party that the prizes will be drawn from. Simple huh?"

I have way more WIP's than I thought. I genuinely thought I had about 3 but having tidied out my sewing room yesterday it seems I have more. Here they all are:

An Ikea quilt top.


Like above except with red and navy blue borders.


An ironing board cover just like mine (I cut two because I had enough fabric for two).


A pile of jewellery rolls that I cut out at the start of November to stock up for my craft fairs. There are probably 8 here.


A very VERY simple lap blanket that I cut out probably 2-3 years ago. Its really about time I get it sewn up.


A 9 patch quilt for me.


Skirts to be made up into bags.


Another skirt bag. This one I keep meaning to pull out and do but then one of my cat's slept on it (hence the cat fur) and I considered throwing it out but that would be a waste.


I wouldn't be able to get all of these done in the next quarter but at least if I can make a dent in it I will be happy.

Therefore I hereby pledge to Finish-a-long in this quarter:

1. The skirt-bags. All 4 of them.
2. The jewellery rolls. Need to do them for my fairs anyway.
3. The ironing board cover.
4. Finish the top for the blue and red Ikea quilt.
5. Baste, quilt and bind the first Ikea quilt.

There. Thats enough to keep me busy for another little while. If anyone else wants to have a go you can still sign up by Sunday. Go ahead!


Quilter in The Gap aka Rhonda said...

I can't wait to see your little skirt turned bag. Do you have a tutorial for those? Seems easy enough but you know I have ulterior motives for asking. hehehe

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck! Love the idea of the skirt bags too :o)

Sarah said...

Great variety of ufo's! Good luck!