Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood

Diary of a Flutter.Kat

Kat at Mumma's Time to Create is a Nosey Parker and would like to know all about us out here in blogland. This is acutally #3. I caught on to what she was doing with #1 about 3 weeks afterwards (Nosey Parker for where you are from). Then I fully intended to participate in #2 (Nosey Parker Christmas Edition) and time just ran away from me and before I knew it we are here at #3.

Number 3 is all about Sewing so I'll delve right in.

1) How long have you been sewing? Are you a first generation sewer or was the knowledge handed down to you? Basically tell us about your journey...

I have been sewing on a regular basis for about 5 years although dabbled a little bit before then. That was when I bought my first sewing machine as I worked in Dunelm Mill and we had a special offer on a Brother machine @ £75 which I then got a further 20% off because of my staff discount.
My mum was an amazing crafty woman who could turn her hand to anything which was handed down to her from my grandmother (I'm not sure how much farther back down the line it goes than that). She was always on hand to give advice and help me with projects.
However, I have to give credit to my sister Fran who first showed me how to make a bag. She had made me one for christmas and I asked her to show me how she did it as I couldn't grasp how someone could actually make a bag and the logistics of it. And it all snowballed from there.

2) Where do you sew?

I am lucky to have a sewing room. My partner and I live in a 2 bedroom flat, we don't have any children and arent't planning any for a couple of years. When we first moved it we used the spare room as an actual spare room. In October 2010 it occurred to me that in the 4 years we've had this place we have NEVER had anyone to stay so out went the guest bedroom and in came my own personal sewing space. It made more sense since in the space of about a year my sewing apparatus/fabric stash had more than quadrupled.

3) What does your sewing room/area look like today in it's real state. Take a picture of it if possible and show it to us real :)

sewing (2)

sewing (4)

4) What is the first thing that you made which you were really proud of. Show us pics of your favourite project.

I still have the very first thing I ever made back in High School Home Economics.


I also still have the first bag I ever made which I was pretty proud of.


This is probably the thing I am most proud of and I haven't even blogged about it. I will this week. For now I shall just show a picture.

Clyde (3)

I have to say lots of things I have made over the years I am proud of because I would never have believed I was capable of making them.

5) Do you always stick to the "rules" when you sew, or are you more improvisationally minded?

Ahem. I feel uncomfortable with this question. Haha. No, um, I can be really bad sometimes cutting corners to save time or if something doesn't make sense just adapting it to do it a way that will work for me. However, generally I will do it by the rules the first time and then change it the next time. I need to control this urge though if I am going to do some proper quilting this year as I don't think there is room for cutting corners.


Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, thanks for the virtual tour (before I get the real one on Saturday lol) Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night

Anne said...

Thanks for the tour - your fabric is all so tidy! :o)

Oh, and great to meet another fellow Scot! :o)

Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

Thanks so much for sharing with us Kat :)
What a great sewing space! Haha your last answer cracks me up though - "proper quilting"? That must make my quilting terribly improper then because my philosophy is: Rules? What Rules! LOL...