Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Clyde FC Quilt

I made this quilt way back in 2009 and I never ever blogged about it. I think I was feeling particularly low at that point and I was convinced that I had messed this up in a big way and that I could never show anyone EVER because it was sooooo bad. I realise now looking at it that I am actually very proud of it and that I can rise to a challenge.

An acquaintence of mine had came to me earlier in 2009 and asked if it would be possible to make her a quilt based on her and her partners family's favourite football team, Clyde F.C. The team colours are black white and red. The only thing that she asked specifically for was gingham.

I drew up this design. The ship in the middle is from the teams badge:

Clyde (7)

I started off with a white square of fabric and started to build up the ship. This part was actually soooo much fun watching it all come together:

Clyde (8)

Clyde (6)

Clyde (5)

I then teamed it up with the requested black gingham and some Ikea Barnslig.

Clyde (3)

Clyde (2)

More Ikea fabric on the back and red binding.

Clyde (1)


Sarah said...

Great job! That ship is fantastic :-)

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, it looks fab! And the only Clyde supporters in the world should have a quilt to keep them warm in the stands... ;o)