Sunday, 5 October 2008

Neice's Christmas Presents

I decided last year that I want as many of the gifts that I give away, particuarly at christmas to be handmade. Whether this is by myself or someone else is irrelevent although I will try to find something to make for everyone if I can.

The first skirt I made, the idea came to me just all of a sudden. I had some jeans that were done but I didnt want to throw out so I opened the seams and reclaimed the zips and buttons out of them with the intention of making patches for quilts/blankets. When I had done this I realised that the bottom legs of the jeans would look nice as a skirt but for someone small. I also had bought a job lot of fabric someone was getting rid of and it had a little bit of voile like fabric with strawberries on it which I hadnt been sure of how to use.

So I took one bottom of the leg off each pair of jeans, one light blue and one dark blue I cut it again on the seam and matched them alternately. I darted them in a bit at the top to shape it a bit nicer for her waist (my 9 year old neice has a 23 inch waist, the same as Victoria Beckham)I then ripped some of the strawberry fabric to give a frayed look at the bottom and hemmed it onto the bottom of the skirt.

I then took it as a big rectangle to plead with my mum to show me how to put a waistband in and a zip. We put in a hidden zip and used really wide elastic to make a waistband and thats pretty much it. I definately learned a lot from my mum through this project that I wouldnt have thought of, like the material being a wee bit higher at the back to compensate for the shape and other such tidbits.

Anyway enough rambling, here is the finished product:


I also made her this skirt:


which I think is absolutely gorgoues. My mum has a stash of vintage fabric in a cupboard in her room (when I say vintage I mean it has probably been in her stash for 20+ years). She pulled this one out and said I thought you might like to do something with this. I instantly though of a skirt because of the way the pattern runs at the bottom. This one was very simple. I sewed a seam up the two edges which would go at the back leaving just enough material to turn over to make a pocket for an elastic waistband. I used the same elastic as I used in the other skirt as my mum has a huge huge roll of it that she bought a while back. I used double the amount of material and 24 inches of elastic so that the fabric would be really floaty.

I used elastic in both skirts because I am frightened that she is going to take another growth spurt between now and christmas or just after christmas. She is huge!!! She is like 5" already.


Vonnie said...

Lovely work Kat, I bet your niece will love them :)

Domestic House Kat said...

She bloody better!

Nah she will, you can tell even though she is only 9 she is going to be all earth mothery/peasant type of dresser.