Saturday, 4 October 2008

30 Days of Posts

I, Kathleen McKean, hereby pledge that for the next 30 days I WILL make one post each day with either my completed projects, works in progress, planned projects or other blog posts I have found useful.

I am rubbish at updating this blog so I have made this pledge to try and get this thing moving.

Its not like I have a shortage of things to blog about as I have been really busy making things for my first fair and my next one in October. So i ask you to all stay tuned for the next 30 days of posts!


Anonymous said...

Good luck, hope you keep up with it :)

Domestic House Kat said...

Thanks Penny,

feel free to give me a little nudge about it every now and then....chances are it will include a lot of stuff youve already seen but we'll go for it anyway.