Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I promised... some makes and some makes you will get.

Apologies for the long periods of radio silence. I have been working extra long hours lately as my shop has been moving to a new one and I have been absolutely knackered. Just out of interest and only if you are willing to share, how many of you out there in blogland work full time, part time (outside your craft) or craft/blog as a full time occupation. For those who work full time and craft after work how do you fit in the time to blog regularly too?

Onto what I have made recently. Despite being quiet I have gotten a few things made so I will show you a few at a time.

Some lovely Noodlehead 241 Tote Bags. I made these the night before a craft fair hence the pictures being taken at a craft fair in case they all sold that day. The black and red one did actually sell which I'm not surprised about because this is a beautiful design of bag by Anna Graham.

They all brought in a lot of interest from people so I am definitely going to make some more in the New Year.


Katy Cameron said...

Well I work full time, but I blog read in my lunch hour (much more achievable when you're office based) and I finish reading/writing posts when I'm eating my dinner, which I do in front of the computer because I can, and there's no-one to tell me otherwise ;o) After that the sewing is fair game, plus weekends if I'm not doing anything else

Cindy said...

Ooohhh!!! I'm going to try to make my first 241 in the next few weeks and I can't wait to get started. You're giving me a bit of inspiration :)