Sunday, 4 December 2011

Craft fairs

I will post some makes soon I promise as I do have things to show off.

However, I just thought I would show you guys my tables at my recent craft fairs.

First, was last Saturday in Rutherglen Town Hall. This fair was one I have done for the past 4 years and I really love doing it. The organisation is great and Karen always does a great job. They run this fair in conjunction with the Christmas lights turn-on and as a result, it is the official start of feeling Christmassy for me. There is also a good amount of people through the door so I always do a wee turn at it.

The second picture is from a fair in Rutherglen Shopping Centre and is run by Crafts Unlimited Association. It runs from 10-4 and because it is in the shopping centre you are right in the thick of people who are out specifically to shop.

This fair also taught me a valuable lesson about craft fairs (despite having done them for probably 4 years). How you are feeling and how you present yourself makes a huge difference in how many sales you get. I did this same fair a month ago. Looking back I was in the midst of a depressive episode and I was having a terrible morning (even managed to injure my hand setting up). I probably barely cracked a smile all day and did not get any sales.However, on Saturday I was chatty, bubbly, laughing, making jokes and despite having not made any sales by 2pm was still being positive and smiley and chatty. Because it was so quiet I decided to pop into Home Bargains and pick up some art packs for doing my art totes and I was craving some chocolate. I came back and noticed one of my bags was gone but had genuinely thought it had been stolen. Turns out my neighbour who was watching my table had sold 2 bags and a purse while I was gone. That was enough of a wee pick me up to grab even more sales before 4 oclock.

Therefore, I would say that your attitude at a craft fair certainly affects your propensity to get sales.

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Katy Cameron said...

Huh, how is it that less than 2 miles down the road I didn't even know these fairs existed?! Still, glad you did well :o)