Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday SportsDay

This little guy is finally finished!!

I remember very clearly the date I adopted this little guy. It was the 8th March 2009. I bought him on sale at the Craft Show at the SECC in Glasgow for some unbeknownst reason as I had never done cross-stitch in my adult life.

When we got home from the show he somehow ended up in my mum's room hidden from me. I forgot all about him until I was going through a set of her craft drawers and found him.

I didnt officially start him until maybe about a year ago. I worked on him while my sewing mojo Linkwas MIA. However, I "finished" him a while ago and he has been sitting around for probably about 6 months waiting on getting the outline down. I did a little bit a few months ago but couldn't really get into it. I duly added him to my Finish - a - long list in the hopes of finally getting him finished

Cut to today. Sundays in this house are generally for watching sports. I was up early this morning as this throat infection/tonsilitus that I have has came back with a vengeance and after a couple of cups of tea to soothe it and doing a bunch of housework I retreated to my sewing room to get the last jewellery roll that I needed to do finished. By midday I had conquered that and wanted to watch the Spanish Grand Prix so I grabbed this guy and took up my place on the couch. When I wrote about this cross - stitch in the Finish - a - long pledge post I said it would probably only take half an hour. Boy was I wrong. One Grand Prix and one half of the Manchester City game later and he was finally done ( I reckon that was about 2-3 hours).

Creature Comforts Cross Stitch

Isn't he handsome?!

And hes another thing crossed off my Finish - a - long list. 2 more things to go and the list will be complete!

Creature Comforts Cross stitch


Cherie said...

That looks so cool! Great work =D

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, well done! I measure things in TV programmes too, and it always seems to take more that I reckon it should!