Friday, 11 May 2012

FAL - Keyka Lou Pouches

These Keyka Lou pouches are my first "official" finish in this quarters Finish - a - Long (for a reminder of what I pledged click here).

This pattern has two sizes and these are the "clutch" size. I have to say I love this pattern. I think the end result is elegant yet simple. Not only does it look good but the construction is so straightforward. I loved it so much I made 5 in total and I have 5 of the smaller pouches cut out.




This last one, however, has to be my favourite. These are the only pictures I have of it as I forgot to take pictures before I went to my last fair and I ended up selling it that day (which was of course great but at the same time I kinda wanted to keep it for myself, ho hum!).

red and blue pouch

P.S. - What do you think of the new pictures? Are they better? I know they are far from perfect. Those ones have had no editing at all and have shadows also (I'm thinking a light from behind also might rectify this) but they are at least a lot better than what I was producing.... Thanks Katy ;-)


Cherie said...

Great pouches! Love the fabric and the design!
The pictures look good not too bright and not too dark =D

I'm thinking of hosting a swap. Let me know if you're interested

Katy Cameron said...

Great pouches, and yep, photos getting better!

Kelly said...

Great pouches!