Sunday, 25 September 2011

Remember my Sewing To Do list ...

I crossed something off on it!

I apologise for the pics being not great but it is extremely hard to photograph an ironing board and make it look good.

I am very pleased with this. I was worried that the fabric might not be suitable for a ironing cover or that I was supposed to be using a specially designed fabric for it but OH says it works perfect. He even said my fabric choice was genius because it he doesnt need to use any steam any more to iron his shirts.

I love inadvertant genius.

I also finished the mug rugs on that list and some 2-4-1 totes but Ill show them later. I now have ten days to sew a maxi dress, a t-shirt and a jumpsuit for myself for holiday. Thats not including all the stuff I have to do to ACTUALLY prepare for my holiday. I may have a breakdown.

But I don't care because in ten days I will be in my second home, Canada! I'm so excited!

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Cindy said...

Oh, I remember your list alright. It made me panic :) I was thinking about it today, specifically thinking that I need my own.
Your iron will be so pleased! That is one pretty cover!