Thursday, 29 September 2011

I may just be the luckiest girl on the planet....

.... and you are about to be the most jealous people on the earth.

I received the first of my packages from Cindy's Goodie Swap from Sarah (Narcoleptic in a Cupboard)

I am so proud to be the new owner of the Rotten Rug Mug. I saw this in the Flickr pool when Sarah posted it and instantly wanted it. In fact if it wasn't for me I was going to ask if I could have one made. What Sarah doesn't know about me (as I never told her) is that Bourbons are actually my favourite biscuit. I haven't bought them in a while simply because it's too dangerous as I would happily eat the entire pack in a day. I have to say though I doubt I'll be using this as a Mug Rug. I'm thinking of hanging it somewhere in my sewing room so I can look at it every day.

This is the point in the post that we need to take a more serious tone. I think we need to get our friend Sarah some help as there is clearly something wrong with her. It could be her eyes or her brain. She sent me the additional goodies in the picture below as an "apology".

You see I genuinely believe that there is something wrong with Sarah because she believes that she had to send these bits as compensation because she made "such a bad job of the needlecase". I sat and studied the needlecase for a few minutes and I can't find any flaws ergo there is something wrong with Sarah :-p . I love love love it! It feels soooo soft and I've never had anything like that before. It feels very luxurious and I plan to use it often.

Finally, Sarah sent me this lovely card which is very true for me. I'm going to use this saying in everyday use now!
*Ahem* *Cough* * Cough* Sarah also sent me a large bar of Dairy Milk Caramel that HONESTLY didn't get devoured with an hour of opening the package. Oh no, not me *cough* *cough* *ahem*

Thanks Sarah for making me an awesome Mug Rug and Goodie! I'm glad you were my partner!

P.S - Apologies on making you wait to see if I loved it. I have been up to my eyes in it the last week getting ready to go to Canada tomorrow!!


Cindy said...

I may indeed be super jealous! I loved this mug rug from the second it was posted. Still, I know it finds a happy home with you so I will let it go :D I'm so happy for you!
Are you sure Lil' Rotten will be there when you get back or will one of us snatch him? Is he going with you?

Quilter in the Gap said...

I have a small wall in my studio I call the Wall of Fame where I hang my swap mug rugs. Just can't bring myself to take the chance of them getting stained. I simply pin them to the wall. But I have seen other people hang a rope and clothes pin them from is cute too. Congrats and I have to be honest....there really is something wrong with Sarah!!!!

Sarah said...

yup. Mental. But if I wasnt you wouldnt have Lil' Rotten (so cute Cindy!) Very glad it arrived, glad you like too :-)

pippablue said...

I'm so happy rotten found a good home. I adored it from the moment it was posted. You are one lucky lady, so enjoy it!!!