Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Want to know what £120 of fabric looks like?

.... And the best part of it? it only cost me £48.

Mandors is a fabric shop in Glasgow and a few months ago they ran an offer with Itison whereby you could buy £40 of fabric for £16 pounds. I snapped up 3 of those vouchers and the picture above is what I bought.

This is what I picked up on my first visit. I just love the new way they are displaying the fat quarter bundles. All of these are quilting cottons.

This is what I picked up on my second visit. My favorite is the blue, white and red dress fabric. They had some of this fabric made up into a dress on a display and it was hugely inspiring so a dress it shall be. The white with love hearts on it is a jersey/ knit so I am going to get that made up into a top/t-shirt. I also plan to maker a nice little jacket using the black cotton drill that is hiding in there. And finally the black with sequin flowers is to be made up into jewellery rolls and possibly some make up pouches.

I can't wait to get started!


Cindy said...

You're such a lucky girl! I would love a shopping spree like that :)

Domestic House Kat said...

Cindy - I am lucky to have a bundle like that. Only got it because of the vouchers.

The thing is as well, that a lot of that wasnt full price either. The blue at the back was on sale for £2.50 p/m and the lovehearts was £9 for a remnant piece thats at least a few metres long.

I'm a bit frugal when it comes to spending money ;-)

Nic :) said...

*drools* seriously beautiful stuff.
Like you I *love* the blue red and white fabric. Can't wait to see the dress you are going to turn it into, it will be oh so beautiful!