Sunday, 24 July 2011

This is the last of it...

... I promise.

Last week I went to visit my sister and family who live in Lancaster. I haven't been in nearly 2 years and it's beautiful where she says.

When she first moved there she told me about this fabric place called Standfast and Barracks. It is a fabric printing company but attached into their building they have a warehouse shop where they sell off fabric (mostly seconds at ridiculous prices).

So whenever I visit my sister I have to visit this shop. First off I got bump interlining for £3 a metre and they have told me if I need more I can just call them (01524 598222) and they will courier it. They offer this service for £7.50 for 25kg of material.

I definitely wanted to pick up some silk scraps. They do a bundle of 3 pieces of silk, which last time I got them made 9 jewelery rolls for the paltry sun of £1.50. I also picked up 2 metres of silk at £5 per metre.

I need fabric for the kitchen to make a new window blind and to cover a new cabinet we put in there. I found a fabric I liked at £5 per metre but then I found it in a 2 metre pack for £7! Bargain! I also picked up some other 2 metre packs, mainly to use as linings in bags and things. My stash is low on coordinating fabrics for that kind of thing.

And finally... I kept the best til last...they also do liberty. I picked up 2 metres for just £4! I also got a scrap pack for £1.50 and another piece for not so much.

I would genuinely say if you are in Lancaster or closeby and you like bargains in fabric you need to visit this place.

Right. Thats it. I am officially on a fabric diet and on stash-busting duty. My OH tells me I'm getting locked in my sewing room until it's all used up.


scotstwinmum said...

So thats what you got at ellies. Nice.

Nic :) said...

my goodness, what a great haul.
Wish i lived closer, i'd probably *live* in there! x