Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Hi to all!

I have had a very long hiatus from this blog and also from crafting in general.

2010 was an exceptionally tough year for myself and my family and sewing was pushed to the side. I lost my mum in July after an 8 month battle with cancer. She was my inspiration, my muse and my very own personal tutor. She is the reason I started sewing and I idolised her for the way she could make ANYTHING. If ever I had a problem or needed to troubleshoot a problem or a concept just didn't make sense I would run to her for help.

Without her here to guide me and motivate me, I have been a bit lost.

However, to just give up on it because she isn't here would be silly. I love sewing and the idea of making my own things for my family and for others, just like she did throughout her life. I just need a little bit of a kick start again (she would have been the one to give me a kick up the bum!).

I have a few things planned which I will post about in the coming weeks.


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