Friday, 6 July 2012

Finish - a - long Quarter 2

Can you believe that Quarter 2 of Rhonda's Finish a long is over ALREADY?  This year is going by far too fast. A sure sign that I'm getting old (what happend to 18 year old me?!).

Anyway, here is what I pledged to finish this quarter. This was an ambitious list for sure but a lot of things were smaller items that if I put my mind to it I would definitely acheive them.

1. Skirt Bags (a MUST finish)
2. The rest of the Jewellery Rolls
5. The cross-stitch. It will probably take like half an hour so just do it already.
6. 241 tote
7. Pencil Rolls
8. Keyka Lou Pouches
10. Hungry Caterpillar Pouches

I finished all 7 items. Here they are:

1. Skirt Bags - I only finished 1 out of the 4. I haven't blogged it yet as I am doing a tutorial on how to make Skirt Bags on Rhonda's Blog - Quilter in the Gap on Saturday. Catch it over there and all the other end of quarter tutorials.

2. Jewellery Rolls 


5. The Cross Stitch 

Creature Comforts Cross stitch

6. 241 tote 


7. Pencil Rolls


8. Keyka Lou Pouches


10. Hungry Caterpillar Pouches




Cherie said...

Wow what great finishes! Well done in getting so many of them done! =D

Quilter in the Gap said... should add a link for each item. That will give you 7 different opportunites to win a prize. You can link Flickr photos.

Katy Cameron said...

Show off ;o) And yes, you're ancient... How was Goodwood?