Sunday, 24 June 2012

Last 4 Jewellery Rolls

When I say last 4 jewellery rolls, I don't mean ever. I have named them as such because about 8-10 months I cut out about 12-15 of these and piled them up. I did a lot of them last quarter and these 4 were the last of the pile to get done. As such, these were another item on my Finish - a - Long list because I was sick of staring at them in my WIP tub. SAM_0298 SAM_0297 I took these side by side as proof that I did make all four so it didnt seem like I was pretending to have made 4 but really made 2 :-p SAM_0296 SAM_0295 These beauties really are so versatile. The top pocket is long and has 3 ribbons inside to put necklaces on so they can hand down, meaning less likelihood of the necklaces tangling. Add to that there is a ring holder and second pocket at the bottom means a lot of jewellery can be held in this.


Katy Cameron said...

Congrats on getting to the end of the heap... now you'll have to think of something else to stockpile ;o)

Cherie said...

They look great! Love the fabrics =D